When it comes to your eyes, accept nothing less than the best.

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If you’re anything like me, your eye site may not be what it once was. I’m only 55, but my eyes think they’re much older. So what are my options? I can wear shooting glasses over my RX glasses. But those tend to be big and bulky. I can get by with my everyday glasses. I can see, but protection is a little limited. I had a hot case bounce off the wall at the indoor range and land between my glasses and my face. Yep, it was still hot. Or I could get RX safety glasses. While this is a great option, you’re limited to one style.

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Along comes the Methow Kit from SSPeyewear What makes this kit stand out from all the rest? While most shooting glasses come in clear, amber, and smoked, this set also includes Kiwi Bronze, Huckleberry Purple, Tangerine Orange, and Grapefruit Pink. I’m sure you’re asking yourself, why all these different colors? Each lens enhances a different color, such as an orange target against a green background. This is perfect for trap and skeet shooting.

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All lenses come with a permanent anti-fog coating and the Optically correct decentered lens provides zero distortion and 100% UVA and UVB rated protection. Hang on, what about my RX glasses? Don’t worry, SSPeyewear has you covered. The Methow RX Adapter allows you to take those frames in and have lenses ground to your RX. These frames clip into the Methow glasses. You won’t even feel them. Now you get six different sets of shooting glasses, for the price of one RX.

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The polycarbonate lenses are highly scratch resistant. I’ve been wearing these for a while now and find them extremely comfortable. The fit is nearly perfect with little gap between the edges of the lenses and my face. I’m able to move around with no movement of the glasses. This is likely to be the last shooting glasses I or anyone else will ever need covering all shooting disciplines in all light conditions.

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