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Build your own SOTG 1911

Each pistol will be uniquely serial numbered beginning with SOTG  and then contain a five digit numeric sequence beginning from 0001

Each pistol will also be fitted with the unique custom grips as pictured here

(art not done yet sample photo)

Xring3 Custom Firearms New Wicked Grips 1911 Black Tarot 1



All internal parts hand fit Trigger pull between 3 and 4 pounds with a crisp break. All Cerakote colors and additives are available, Please visit this site,& https://www.cerakote.com/shop/cerakote-coating & for color swatches.& If you don't see your color listed, please choose other and provide the color name and number you wish in the notes field, ie. H-186. If you want the slide and frame to be different colors, grips, or special additions, please use the notes option.

The M1911, also known as Colt 1911, or Colt Government, is a single-action, semi-automatic, magazine-fed, recoil-operated pistol chambered for the.45 ACP cartridge. The pistol's formal designation as of 1940 was Automatic Pistol, Caliber.45, M1911 for the original model of 1911 or Automatic Pistol,

Fast forward to today and we offer the same tried and true design but offer several additional calibers beyond the .45acp. such as, 9mm, 38 super, .40, 10mm, and the mighty .460 Roland as well as several different build lengths.





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